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5/29/2017: Time-lapse

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I'm realizing that this time in Vietnam has been far more important than I have given it credit.

Since being here, I've sensed a major shift in my perspective of wood sculpting - from hobby to profession. And I don't want to take this for granted. It feels as if I can finally settle into working on projects I've always wanted to; projects that are not only larger in scale, but also more clearly express what my heart desires to communicate.

I've been sculpting for nearly four years and I'm just now starting to see the first glimpses of my own style. Though I'm not sure I can fully call it mine.

The majority of my ideas for future pieces have come to me when I haven't been thinking about anything at all. Often, without notice, a profound image is put in my head - as if I'm watching a time-lapse of a flower blooming. One second there's normalcy, the next second a complex and beautiful formation unfolds.

Along with the image comes an emotion. It feels like I've been told a secret, one that I need to pass on.

  Honestly, I have doubts about my capability to produce these things.

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