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6/6/2017: My Four Preferred Figurative Forms

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Starving - Bones are pronounced over muscles, though muscles are seen. The body seems shrunken or vacuumed inward. Bones represent death as they are the last form of the body to diminish. This look could also be used to convey a sense of hunger for something metaphysical. There is a sense of conflict and desire, for food that feeds the body or the soul. There is a real understanding that figures with this look are dependent on something greater than themselves for survival.

Lean - Bones and muscles share the platform for attention. Just enough bone is exposed to display mortality as well as a sense of strength though structure. The muscles are pronounced but show potential for growth.There is a balance and youth to this look. Realism and idealism hold hands. We look at this and think “beautiful” or even “sexy”. Contrary to the “starvation” look, these figures are fully capable themselves-independent and self sustained. Overall aspiring.

Filled Slim - Muscles and fat are now the two pillars that make up the body. Though they can almost both be washed away by a lack of pronunciation. In certain positions bone still expresses itself, but now it’s presence is veiled behind a curtain of the muscle and fat. This body type is healthy and mature but it hints at a life of less exertion.  It’s neither climbing the hill of youth nor descending down the path of old age. This could pass as the most natural form for our era. Muscles can still present themselves to display some physical aspirations that we act like we don’t want, but really do. A hint of humility makes its case through thin layers of fat. Where some physical strength has weened it’s compensated for with cerebral strength. This form is modern and safe. It provides a touch of seriousness that is provoked by the quest for identity. 

Filled Thick - Muscles and fat are again the pillars of the form but much more pronounced this time. The general shape of the muscles are obvious but the fat masks the small nuances that would be seen in a “lean” form. Because of the weightiness of this body type, areas of excess skin and fat are more obvious. Firmness and "sagginess” play tug-a-war on the arms and waist. However, there isn’t a sense of over indulgence and decadence. The muscle have been earned by some type of labor. There is still power in the limbs and torso. 

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