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8/23/17: Integrity

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Integrity is forged within the soul when no one is watching. God is the only witness. It makes it’s way through your veins and enters your heart only when you are alone. God is the only witness. It’s manifested though trial and temptations that no one else but you will see. God is the only witness. It will surround your being and ask only for your surrender. If you refuse, it won’t attack. Instead it will leave, knowing you currently aren’t fit for such a gift. There is no reward for the pursuit of integrity except for the gaining of integrity itself. Only a few people with a keen awareness of their own integrity will notice the integrity in you. You will know who these people are because you see their pursuit of integrity as well. But no words are spoken. God is the only witness. The ones who have abandoned the notion of integrity will be repelled by you, because their own insecurity will rise up within them to dominate you. This is because integrity always attacks the establishment of self. It knows you are an unfit to rule.

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