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7/15/19: World Without Want

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

It appears to my ever maturing perspective that we, individually and collectively, strive so hard to implement systems that keep us from ever experiencing any kind of suffering. This seems to be the case in both spiritual and physical realms. So, I have been thinking about the idea of living in a world where every opportunity is granted to everyone. In this world there would be no form of challenge, oppression, or obstacle.  And I can’t help but think that this world of prosperity must also be filled with every kind of evil. Void of all humanity. Eyes without a soul.  And I’m not so sure I want to live in that kind of world.


 I want walk through the field of humility that can only grow in a valley of darkness and despair. I want to harvest that field and transform into something new. 

I want to be taken a slave of temptation. But then I want to deny every instinct of my body and mind and break free in a righteous rebellion.

 I want to be a pile of ash, choking in torment. And I want to persevere, clinging to the distant whispers of Hope.

I want to walk a hundred miles of desert covered in darkness and dust to finally fall on the only hill where light touches down and water comes flowing up.

I want a thousand demons to descend upon me with unimaginable intentions of horror. And I want to call upon a strength other than my own to help me crush their bones.  

I want to deny the bribes of wealth and self promotion to save my integrity.

I want to resist the sickness of the world, which is the attempt to establish the kingdom of one’s self.

I want to do impossible things, and keep them a secret, 

Just for God

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