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Terrain Gallery 

My career in sculpture was born out of darkness.

Without going into detail, I was sick for about three years. During this time I wasn’t able to do much physically so I started sculpting small wooden objects in my apartment to give my life some kind of meaning. When you start making things people have all kinds of ideas about what you should make and how to sell it. It’s very sweet of them because they care about you, but the truth is that art is not a means to some kind of end like money or reputation. It’s not about marketing or making it. When you think you’re dying those kinds of things have no value. Creating and being swept away in your imagination is enough. The last eight years I have committed to this idea and have tried to keep it pure. 


Therefore, to continue in my vision, nothing in this show is for sale. Everything is free.


This wasn't an easy decision. I'm not wealthy, nor do I fully know how my career will continue. Yet what I do know is that a whisper within tells me it’s the right choice. 


My pieces are not for everyone. My work is not for those who would take it out of greed or fear of missing out. 

My work is for the child. It’s for the artist who doesn’t have the means to collect. It’s for those who feel the call of abandoning self-establishment for the establishment of others. It’s for those who want to trade a pot of pragmatism for a field of faith. I will leave that up to you to determine.

How it works:

* To claim a piece of work, please speak with the gallery host.


*If you choose a piece, I would really appreciate it if you could make any size donation to Terrain for their generosity in hosting my work. You can do so here. 


*The artwork marked "unavailable" already has a home. 


*Please only take one sculpture per household.

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